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Storage Pooling

SANRAD enables the economical creation of large storage pools by consolidating and managing multiple enclosures across your Storage Area Network (SAN) as a single storage system.

Storage Pooling

Meeting the high capacity storage requirements needed to handle large amounts of data can be prohibitively expensive. High Fibre Channel connectivity costs, vendor lock-in and the inability to utilize storage resources across enclosures drive up the cost and complexity of creating large storage pools.

SANRAD lets you transform basic storage systems into fully available high capacity storage pools to effectively store and network large amounts of data:

  • SANRAD enables the creation of large storage pools by consolidating and managing storage resources across enclosures, customizing volumes for precise storage provisioning.
  • SANRAD advanced traffic management boosts block-based read/write speeds to storage. SANRAD load balancing allows data to be read across mirrored copies accelerating data retrieval for fast response times.
  • SANRAD QoS prioritizes all storage traffic by application enabling complete control over bandwidth and guaranteed storage service levels by business need.
  • SANRAD allows complete vendor freedom for the addition of any IP storage system, including inexpensive commodity storage, cutting the cost of adding a TB of data by 75%.
  • SANRAD mirrors and replicates all stored data for failover service, extending RAID capabilities from the network to guarantee complete business continuity.

Competitive Advantages   Creating & Scaling Large Storage Pools:

Economical IP server connectivity: 70% lower cost than FC alternative, Cost-effective file serving for large capacities.

FC and SCSI interoperability and built in RAID functionality: Use of any storage system, including inexpensive commodity storage (IDE/Serial ATA enclosures) to eliminate vendor lock-in

Agent-free volume management: Eliminate need to purchase and maintain agents on every server.

   Managing Large Storage Pools:

Full storage availability: Eliminate costly downtime.

Use existing IP management expertise.

Network-based volume management: Build large storage volumes across enclosures for simple storage pooling.

Integrated RAID functionality for failover service.

End-to-end storage visibility & control.

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