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Storage Continuity

Storage Continuity
  • Open IP Connectivity
    SANRAD links any server to any storage system. Native iSCSI support by all popular operating systems along with connectivity to both JBODs and RAIDs over FC/ SCSI protocols dramatically cuts the costs of scaling storage capacity by up to 70%.
  • Data Mirroring and Data Replication
    Network-based RAID functionality ensures full data redundancy while affording complete vendor freedom, reducing the cost of building and managing storage continuity solutions.
  • Fault Tolerant Storage Access Over iSCSI
    Active-Active automatic failover ensures uninterrupted storage services, for non-stop availability of vital business information.
  • Complete Storage Security
    Access control lists by volume protects information from unauthorized access to secure the integrity of stored data and backup volumes.
  • Centralized, Remote Management
    End-to-end remote storage management and service alerts simplify volume administration for centralized control of storage continuity.
  • Unlimited Scalability
    Non restricted storage growth to hundreds of terabytes and cost effective addition of servers, users and storage systems.

Competitive Advantages   Affordable Start Up Costs:

Economical IP connectivity: 70% lower cost than FC alternatives.
Built in RAID functionality: Reduce need to invest in managed storage across enclosures.

FC and SCSI compatibility: Allow use of inexpensive commodity storage

Agent-Free volume management: Eliminate need to purchase and manage agents on every server.

   Low Operational Costs:

Full storage continuity: Eliminate costly effects of storage failure and downtime.
Use existing IP management knowledge.

Network-based volume management: No need to install and upgrade agents over multiple servers and multiple operating systems.

Integrated RAID functionality: Eliminate need to configure each enclosure independently.
End-to-end storage visibility & control from a central location that can be located remotely.

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