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software to simplify and share san storage
How can Sanbolic software help me?
Simple SAN

IT managers can reduce operating costs through the ability to span volumes across multiple heterogeneous arrays, and centrally managing the resulting storage pool. Within this SAN, managers can flexibly reassign storage as required and automate file migration based on storage policy.

SAN hardware has increasingly become a cost effective option for even small organizations to consolidate their storage centrally. SANs provide high performance and high reliability, and facilitate adding storage as an organization’s needs grow.

SANs also present a management challenge to many organizations. While management utilities for storage arrays have been improving, each vendor has their own interface, so typically each arrays needs to be managed separately. Furthermore, each server needs to be provisioned with storage from the array that it uniquely accesses (a LUN), and then create a logical volume structure on that storage. Reassigning or adding storage can be a complex task, requiring the administrator to manage LUNs on each array, zoning on each switch, and volume structure on each server as a separate process.

Because Sanbolic’s software is designed to manage shared SAN storage, the SAN consolidation and management process can be greatly simplified. An administrator can centrally manage storage spanning multiple arrays as a single pool of storage, flexibly reassign storage as required, and automate file migration based on storage policy. Sanbolic’s software also supports remote storage management, so that an administrator can log into a SAN at a remote office over a VPN and configure, assign or reassign logical volumes among the servers at that site. Administrators can set security and user access rights globally for the SAN, so that a given user will have the same access rights to volumes and files from any server or workstation on the SAN.

  • Build larger storage environments using multiple storage arrays using LaScala while simplifying SAN management

    • LaScala is a symmetrical clustered volume manager designed specifically for SAN storage. Easily installs on each SAN-attached Windows server.
    • Use LaScala to aggregate multiple modular storage arrays into a single pool of storage.
    • Simplifies administration by elevating storage pool management to volume level instead of using zoning and LUN management.
    • LaScala gives customers what they expect from a SAN– a single pool of storage that can be easily managed.
  • LaScala provides an intuitive tool for centrally managing a large storage pool

    • Create volumes, volume sets, and stripe sets using an intuitive GUI that allows all servers to see the common storage pool.
    • Native Windows security permissions can be used to assign volume access rights to any user account.
    • Volumes can be non-disruptively expanded while storage remains accessible.
    • The volume structure can be managed remotely via a VPN using LaScala Disto
  • Sanbolic’s simple information lifecycle policy allows automated policy-based file migration or file copies

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