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QLogic SAN Connectivity Kit 4000

Now, even the smallest business can afford a SAN

  • Fully tested components ensure interoperability to seamlessly integrate a SAN into virtually any environment – all you do is add storage. The SAN Connectivity Kit 3000 includes the following:
  • 4Gb QLogic SANbox® 5600 FC 8-port stackable switch. Because it’s stackable, this revolutionary Fibre Channel switch delivers the seamless scalability and performance of a much more expensive chassis switch…in a low-cost, easy-to-manage, pay-as-you-grow package.
  • Four award-winning SANblade™ host bus adapters (HBAs). Lowest CPU utilization for maximum performance, mission-critical reliability, impressive scalability and the broadest certifications from industry-leading software providers.
  • SANsurfer Management Suite™ CD-ROM. Point-and-click wizards and highly-intuitive, GUI-based applications make integrating and managing HBAs and switches easy. No headaches.
  • All necessary accessories. Eight small form factor pluggables (SFPs) and four cables are included for seamless connectivity and interoperability right out of the box. No surprises.

Low Cost.

The QLogic SAN Connectivity Kit 3000 is affordable for even the smallest organization. A smart investment, the SAN Connectivity Kit provides the benefits of 2Gb storage performance today and the founda¬tion for tomorrow’s technologies.


Considering a storage area network to slash backup times? Improve the performance of workgroup applications? Boost email efficiency? Speed productivity of CAD/CAM or 3-D imaging? The QLogic SAN Connectivity Kit 3000 is ideally suited for all these applications and many more

Simple. Low cost. SANs. They’re here.

SANs don’t have to be costly and complex. And they’re not only for global enterprises anymore. The QLogic SAN Connectivity Kit 3000 makes operating a SAN simple and low cost…even for small and medium businesses. It doesn’t matter if you have little or no SAN experience. One box delivers everything you need to quickly and easily deploy a storage area network, right away. All you add is storage.

  • Qty 1 – SANbox 5600 8-port Fibre Channel stackable switch
  • Qty 4 – SANblade 2460 host bus adapters (HBAs)
  • Qty 4 – Dual LC to Dual LC fiber optic cables (5 meters)
  • Qty 8 – Small form factor pluggables (SFPs)
  • Qty 1 – SANsurfer Management Suite CD-ROM


The storage area network you build with the QLogic 4Gb SAN Connectivity Kit 4000 will scale to support additional servers and storage.

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