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Storage Area Network (SAN) Solutions from Avante Digital
Storage Area Networks
RAID Subsystems
Fibre Channel
to SAS (Serial
Attached SCSI)
Fibre to Fibre
F16F-x2021 RAID

Fibre Channel
easyRAID Q16PS-F4R3
easyRAID Q12PS-F4R3

Fibre Channel

A24F-R2430 RAID
A16F-R2221 RAID
A12F-G2221 RAID

4Gbit Fibre Channel Switches
Qlogic SANBOX 5600
Qlogic SANBOX 5602
2Gbit Fibre Channel Switches
Qlogic SANBOX 5200
Qlogic SANBOX 5202
Qlogic SANBOX 2-64

4Gbit Fibre Channel Adapters
Qlogic QLE 2462
Qlogic QLA2462
Qlogic QLA2460

SAN Software
Clustered Filesystem
Melio FS
Volume Management
La Scala
La Scals Disto

Storage Area Networking (SANs)

Custom built Storage Area Networking

Avante Digital is a complete Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions provider.

We offer an extensive line of SAN-attached RAID arrays and tape libraries, storage networking equipment, SAN software products, and professional services that come together to form industry leading data storage solutions designed for UNIX, Linux, Apple and Windows computing environments.

We test and integrate all hardware and software for interoperability, and back all products with a comprehensive line of service and support programs.

Our modular SAN products and solutions are tailored to offer the best performance, data availability, reliability and functionality to meet your individual computing application’s storage needs and budget.

Centralised and Shared Server-Storage Consolidation

SANs are centrally managed, shared storage networks enabled by the Fibre Channel storage interface. Fibre Channel offers multiple-server to multiple-storage device connectivity, and features a “pay as you grow” scalability to add more storage or servers to the SAN, increasing capacity and performance as needed. Storage I/O is communicated between servers, RAID arrays and tape libraries over their own network of HBAs, switches, hubs and routers separate from the LAN.

Avante Digital SAN solutions are engineered to overcome the limits of traditional LAN based SCSI-attached client/server storage to meet the rapidly increasing storage needs of today's IT departments and the demands of the 24x7 business world.

“Best of Breed” Product Offering

At the foundation of these dynamic storage solutions is Avante Digital's Fibre Channel RAID solutions, which are integrated with the "best of breed" products from the leading SAN hardware and software manufacturers in the industry.

We also offer automated tape library products from Overland Storage, Fibre Channel switches, hubs, routers and HBAs from Q-Logic and Chaparral Networks.

In addition, Avante Digital bundles intelligent software products to this hardware infrastructure from our industry partners VERITAS, Legato, Bakbone, Tivoli and Software Generation.

This powerful combination of hardware and software products allows Avante Digital to implement innovative computing application solutions such as LAN-free back-up, server-less back-up, clustering and replication, storage pooling, storage management, Fabric/FC-AL management and storage/file sharing

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