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Qlogic QLA4050C & 4052C iSCSI HBA
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QLOGIC QLA4050x Family
Single or Dual Port, 1Gbit/sec iSCSI TOE to PCI-X HBA

Qlogic QLA 4052 Dual iSCSI HBA

SANs with Ethernet and IP: iSCSI.

IT managers now have a choice when considering SAN management options. The QLA4050, QLA4050C, and QLA4052C (collectively referred to as the QLA405x) iSCSI HBAs provide connectivity to SANs over Ethernet and TCP/IP network infrastructures (switches, routers, and VPN appliances). Using a widely deployed and familiar networking technology, iSCSI can lower the total cost of ownership to better manage and support storage networking.

Features and Benefits
  • Networking and storage functionality for iSCSI, network attached storage (NAS), clustering, multimedia, distributed network applications, and web-serving
  • Jumbo frames, 802.3x flow control, 802.1p priority service, and 802.1Q VLAN Ethernet networking
  • Storage reliability with iSCSI digests, ECC memory, and overlapping data path parity
  • SANsurfer® storage area network (SAN) device management application and drivers for all major operating systems
  • Microsoft Windows® management interface (MS WMI), Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) iSCSI management application programming interface (IMA), and storage management interface specification (SMI-S) compliant for standards based management
  • Low-profile PCI form factor (Low profile and standard PCI bracket included)
  • Universal iSCSI SAN boot for true remote storage boot implementations
  • Complete iSCSI and TCP/IP offload for enhanced performance
  • Auto-negotiated 100/1000 Mbps line rate data transfer
  • PCI-X 133-MHz backward-compatible with 32/64-bit, 33/66-MHz PCI
Host Bus Interface Specifications
Speed 64-bit, 133/100/66-MHz PCI-X and 32/64-bit, 33/66-MHz PCI
Voltage 3.3V
Compliance Compliance Conforms to PCI Local Bus Specification, revision 2.3, PCI-X Specification, revision 1.0b, PCI-X Electrical and Mechanical Addendum, revision 2.0a to the PCI Local Bus Specification, PCI Bus Power Management Interface Specification, revision 1.1, PCI Hot Plug Specification, revision 1.0
iSCSI, TCP/IP, and Ethernet Specifications
Data Rate 100/1000 Mbps
Throughput 1 Gbps full-duplex line rate
Topology Any Ethernet network
iSCSI RFC 3347: iSCSI Requirements and Design Considerations, CHAP, iSNS, SLP
TCP/IP Complete state-based TCP/IP offload, RFC791: Internet Protocol Specification (IPv4), RFC793; Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Specification, RFC1122; Requirements for
Internet Hosts – Communication Layers, RFC1323; TCP Extensions for High Performance, RFC2581; TCP Congestion Control
Ethernet 2K fixed size; 2 credits issued
Physical Specifications
Ports QLA4050C/QLA4050: One
QLA4052C: Two
Connections QLA4050C/QLA4052C: RJ45 for copper connector
QLA4050: Small form factor fixed (SFF) multimode optic with LC-style connector
Form factor Low-profile MD2: 16.93 cm × 5.15 cm (6.7 in. × 2.5 in.)
Bracket size Standard: 1.84 cm × 12.08 cm (.73 in. × 4.76 in.)
Low-profile: 1.84 cm × 8.01 cm (.73 in. × 3.15 in.)
Environment and Equipment Specifications
Airflow 100 LFM (0.5 m/sec)
Temperature Operating: 0 °C/32 °F to 55 °C/131°F
Storage: -20 °C/-4 °F to 70°C/158 °F
Humidity Relative (non-condensing): 10% to 90%
Storage: 5% to 95%
Power dissipation QLA4050C: 7.5 W
QLA4052C: 8.5 W
QLA4050: 7.0 W
RoHS compliant Yes
Cable distances QLA4050C/QLA4052C: 100 meters, category 5e/6 UTP QLA4050: 500 meters 50/125 µm fiber, 220 meters 62.5/125 µm fiber
Applications SANsurfer® iSCSI HBA Manager, SANsurfer® iSCSI CLI
Operating systems Windows® Server™ 2003; Windows 2000; Solaris 9, 10; Linux® Red Hat® AS 3.0, 4.0; Linux SuSE® SLES 8, 9
Hardware platforms IA32 (x86), EM64T, AMD Opteron 64, SUN SPARC
Boot support BIOS, Solaris FCode, Linux DD Disk

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