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Overland Storage PowerLoader

PowerLoader Quick Specs
  • 2.4 TB to 13.6 TB capacity
  • 1-2 LTO-3, LTO-2 or SDLT 320 drives
  • 15-17 slots
  • Optional second drive
Reliable, unattended storage.

The Overland PowerLoader provides reliable storage of up to 13.6 TB of compressed mission-critical data, with features normally found in large libraries.

PowerLoader is available with your choice of one or two tape drives. This dual-drive architecture protects your investment in PowerLoader by enabling you to upgrade your single-drive unit to a dual-drive unit for faster backup and restore operations.

The PowerLoader includes many features typically found in higher-priced automated storage solutions. It offers a password-secured, front-removable cartridge inventory, and an easy-to-use operator panel.

Download the datasheet

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