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Melio FS

Melio FS is a clustered file system designed specifically for networked storage environments. It provides a solution to presenting shared storage as a single storage pool, enabling horizontal scaling or applications, clustered processing, shared data access, and greatly simplified storage provisioning and management. It provides users with extensive new capability to utilize shared storage hardware, yet is very simple to use. Any user familiar with Windows disk administration tools will quickly be able to utilize the features of Melio FS. An installation on a small SAN can be done in 15 minutes.

Melio FS was initially designed for very large scale clustered processing and file serving in telecom network operation centers. Its architecture is designed to support high availability computing, fast access to both small and large files, and NAS serving ability. Melio FS incorporates a three-dimensional layout, a seven layer locking mechanisms with a B-tree like structure, and advanced transaction managers, which provide performance, stability and reliability in very large storage environments.The distribution of metadata within the file system, symmetrical architecture, and advanced dynamic clustering capability provide both tremendous flexibility and reliability.

Windows technologies such as Active Directory, ACL security, DFS, Network Load Balancing, and MPIO are transparently supported by Melio across the shared storage environment.

Support for Windows Technologies

Sanbolic’s products are designed to transparently support Windows technologies, and to provide an intuitive experience to Windows administrators. Windows technologies supported include:

  • DFS
  • Network Load Balancing
  • Active Directory
  • ACLs
  • Microsoft MPIO
  • DiskPart
  • Microsoft ISCSI initiator
  • Windows Cache Management, precaching, prefetch logic
  • File system resize and volume expansion command
  • All Microsoft lock types-- NFS and CIFS compliant

Sanbolic products support Windows 2000, XP, and Server 2003, including Server 2003 R2

  • Simple to administer—one “pool” of storage instead of dozens or
    hundreds of “puddles”
  • Inherent redundancy—if a server fails, another server can access the
    data the failed server was using and continue running the application
  • Flexibility-all servers can be given access to all data, allowing
    storage and compute resources to be quickly reassigned among
    projects - No more storage-server “silos” with low utilization
  • Many applications can grow by adding additional small cheap servers
    instead of moving to a larger, expensive server
  • Shared access to data—all servers can directly access the most recent
    data—no need to make and manage multiple copies
  • Security—consistent security protocol that defines which users can
    access which data across the entire storage pool

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