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Email Storage Consolidation

Businesses and organizations depend on Email. Microsoft Exchange is a business critical application. Without email, your business slows down or comes to a complete halt. As an IT professional, your organization requires you to provide greater Microsoft Exchange availability and reliability while asking you to reduce the cost and complexity of your Exchange infrastructures.

Email Storage Consolidation
SANRAD Email Storage Consolidation solution enables data consolidation from multiple Exchange servers onto a unified storage consolidation system, while improving storage utilization, reducing management overhead, and simplifying Exchange administration.

SANRAD Email StoragePro™ is a complete solution consisting of SANRAD IP SAN V-Switches, integrated SANRAD StoragePro Services, a large selection of storage systems, and services to plan and carry out the data migration and consolidation process:

  • SANRAD StoragePro™ Services - SANRAD Email StoragePro easy user interface provides a single storage management and centralized allocation solution for 1 to 250, individual or clustered Exchange servers. Storage volumes are created dynamically and securely assigned to servers over standard Ethernet networks. Scale individual server performance to 200 Mbytes (2000Mbits)
  • SANRAD V-Switch Systems - Free trapped storage capacity from individual Exchange Servers and use a shareable, flexible and infinitely scaleable pool of storage for maintaining terabytes of Exchange data. Create hundreds of volumes, replicate. data across any storage system for fault tolerance, deliver high availability with multi-pathing, provide rapid “back in time” restores with Snapshot, and build a simple to scale storage pools.
  • SANRAD Services and Support - Provides global, enterprise-grade service and support to free up your internal resources, minimize disruption, maximize uptime, and help ensure your long-term success.

Competitive Advantages   Affordable Start Up Costs:

Economical IP connectivity: 70% lower than FC alternatives.

Storage reuse & vendor freedom.

SCSI or FC storage interoperability.

   Low Operational Costs:

Full storage availability: Eliminate costly effects of storage failure and downtime.

Use of existing IP management knowledge.

Network-based volume management: Cross enclosure, agent-free, single point of management.

End-to-end storage control.

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