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Builid an IP-SAN
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Buidling an IP-SAN

SANRAD IP-SAN solutions enable the simple creation of Storage Area Networks (SANs) for continuous access and effective storage management across standard Ethernet environments delivering 24/7 data availability & full storage productivity.

IP SAN Solutions

The explosive growth in information is continually driving up the cost and complexity of acquiring, provisioning and scaling storage systems. The challenge is to supply reliable access and optimal storage capacity while simplifying management and cutting overhead.

SANRAD lets you connect servers and users over existing Ethernet networks to any FC or SCSI storage system to create IP Storage Area Networks (IP-SANs). SANRAD combines IP connectivity with server-independent volume management and RAID functionality to guarantee high storage availability and effective resource provisioning while reducing storage networking costs:

  • SANRAD cuts the cost of creating Storage Area Networks by up to 70% by interconnecting your servers with storage using standard, economical IP connectivity. This eliminates high Fibre Channel connectivity cost barriers and allows you to re-use your existing IT infrastructure.
  • SANRAD lets you pool storage across enclosures, maximizing resource utilization by up to 90%, compared with only 30% when using Direct Attached Storage (DAS).
  • SANRAD agent-free volume management lets you provision and centrally manage storage volumes from the network, eliminating the need to purchase and maintain agents on each connected server.
  • SANRAD's data mirroring and storage failover services ensure complete data availability. SANRAD provides data redundancy and high availability by performing real-time data replication and automatic data path re-routing.

Competitive Advantages   Reduced SAN Deployment Costs:

IP connectivity: 70% lower cost than Fibre Channel.

Integrated RAID functionality: Use simple storage systems.

Agent-free volume management: No need to purchase server for storage management.

   Lowered Operational Costs:

IP connectivity: Use existing IP infrastructure, expertise and tools.

Network-centric storage services: Simplified management of all SAN elements.

Low server maintenance: No need to manage agents.

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