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AV-STOR A24F-R2430 / A24F-G2430
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AV-STOR A24F-G2430 (single controller)

AV-STOR A24F-R2430 (redundant controller)

4U Profile, 24 drives
FC-4G to SATA-II RAID Subsystem

Models Host-to-Drive Interface Configuration Expansion port JBOD expansion
A24F-R2430 4Gbit/s-FC to SATA-II Redundant 2 2 (32 HDD)
A24F-G2430 4Gbit/s-FC to SATA-II Single 1 4 (64 HDD)

The Fibre to SATA RAID Subsystem provides 4Gbit/s Fibre Channel interface for high speed data transfer. It is fully compatible with cost effective SATA II hard drives to offer tremendous storage capacity.

The storage capacity can be further expanded by connecting the SAS 4x wide port to expansion enclosures which can house enterprise class SAS drives or SATA hard drives.

The Subsystem is equipped with redundant and hot swappable componentsto ensure continuous and reliable Operation. Advanced monitoring mechanisms are interfaced through firmware utility, STORWatch management Software, and Status LEDs etc. to ensure data security and Subsystem protection..

Available models
AV-A24F-R2430-1000 Dual Controllers 8 x 4Gbit-FC 24 x 1000GB SATA-2
AV-A24F-R2430-750 Dual Controllers 8 x 4Gbit-FC 24 x 750GB SATA-2
AV-A24F-R2340-500 Dual Controllers 8 x 4Gbit-FC 24 x 500GB SATA-2
AV-A24F-R2430-250 Dual Controllers 8 x 4Gbit-FC 24 x 250GB SATA-2
AV-A24F-G2430-1000 Single Controller 4 x 4Gbit-FC 24 x 1000GB SATA-2
AV-A24F-G2430-750 Single Controller 4 x 4Gbit-FC 24 x 750GB SATA-2
AV-A24F-G2340-500 Single Controller 4 x 4Gbit-FC 24 x 500GB SATA-2
AV-A24F-G2430-250 Single Controller 4 x 4Gbit-FC 24 x 250GB SATA-2
Disk Subsytem can be supplied with any quantity of disks. Please call with your requirements

The AV-STOR A24F series is based on proven architecture designed for continuous operation with heavy access loads, making it an ideal choice from SAN attached storage to performance intensive applications operating within an open-system and multi-path framework.

This SAN ready subsystem meets the demands for enterprise class storage in terms of its reliable firmware, ease of management, fault proof hardware and on the fly scalability.

  • Single or dual-active RAID controller configurations
  • Two 4Gbps, bypass embedded Fibre host channels per controller
  • Four host ports per controller with onboard hub
  • Hardware RAID 6
  • End to end performance up to :-
    770MB/sec for Sequential Reads in a RAID5 array
    460MB/sec for Sequential Writes in a RAID5 array
  • SAS 4x Wide links (SFF-8470) to expansion enclosures
  • Modular, passive backplane in a high availabilty archictecture with no single point of failure
  • Up to 24TB of storage capacity in 4U
  • Hot swappable battery backup units
  • Dual speed cooling fans to reduce noise and power consumption
  • Real time event notification by various methods

Backside of an A24F-G2430 RAID Subsystem, showing a single controller with four host ports and one expansion port for S16S-JBODs

Backside of an A24F-R2430 RAID Subsystem, showing two redundant controller with eight host ports and two expansion port for S16S-JBODs


In addition to RAID protection against drive failure, the subsystem has ingenious means to deal with other challenges that may jeopardise data integrity. For example, hard disk drives wear down over time and drives may arrive from the manufacturer with inherent defects. Media Scan and Task Scheduler are among the DrvSmart utilities designed for mending these problems.

The subsystem is also equipped with error containment algorithms, known as the SysSmart functions. If a critical component fails, e.g., a battery module, the subsystem automatically disables write-back caching and assumes the conservative write-through mode. If the fault condition persists for an extended period of time, the subsystem enters an idle state. All of these precautions help ensure safe operation and distribution of data.


The AV-STOR A24F is powered by field-proven technologies that ensure data protection and performance to meet your various storage needs. Your data is secured by sophisticated, redundant components and advanced firmware developed through a decade of experience in RAID technology design. In addition to the choice of RAID levels, 0, 1(0+1), 3, 5,6, 10, 30, 50 and 60, the subsystem protects your data with various high-availability algorithms ranging from predictive checking and self-healing rebuilds to system self-diagnostics.

To ensure a high level of system availability, critical components such as disk drives, power supplies, and cooling fans are all redundant and hot-swappable. Modules are integrated with the passive backplane via board-to-board connectors to eliminate points of failure. Assisted by GUI management software, system administrators can constantly monitor the operatingstatus of all components through a console locally orremotely situated. The subsystem guarantees data integrity with selected, high MTBF components; a modular, fault-tolerant design; and a complete set of environmental monitoring and fault protection capabilities built in the firmware.


All critical modules are housed in separate, retrievable canisters. In the event of component failure, a hard disk drive, power supply, battery module, RAID controller, or cooling fan can be replaced within seconds. The modules are closely monitored using self-diagnostic features and the help of runtime utilities such as STORWatch. Spring screws, securing latches, and key-locks all provide easier access to the modules.

A variety of configuration and monitoring methods are available, either locally via the LCD keypad panel and the text-mode RS-232C terminal, or remotely through the Java-based GUI manager. All faulty conditions, including RAID configuration events, module failure, voltage and temperature readings, are instantly reported. A system administrator can select from the following notification methods to receive reports when away from the installation site: LAN broadcast, SNMP traps, email, fax, SMS, ICQ, and MSN Messenger. Even the notification utility can be installed redundantly on two different machines to avoid the chance of blind time.

Smart Technologies
  • Derived from more than ten years of experience in RAID storage design, the AV-STOR's firmware features extremely compact protocol and rich varieties of algorithms to deal with the stringent requirements of storage applications. The technologies enhance I/O processing, drive handling, and system management.
Adaptive Write Policy (Write-back/Write-through)
  • Optimises writes performance on receiving sequential write requests using the Write-through mode and temporarily disables synchronised cache communications
  • Automatically switches policy to adapt to random or sequential I/O requests
Guaranteed Latency I/O
  • Designed for "no drop-frame" applications such as video streaming
  • Fast return of read requests by generating data from adjacent stripes when a drive fails or bad sectors cause delays

Major Markets and Uses

Avante Digital products are used in server-attached and networked data storage in major industries such as medical imaging, multimedia on demand (MOD), and digital media including video-on-demand, stream editing and more



Multiple arrays with Dedicated, Global, or Enclosure-specific hot spares
RAID levels supported: RAID 0, 1 (0+1), 3, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, 60, and NRAID
ASIC400 backbone
Online expansion by:
- Adding new drives
- Copying and replacing drives with drives of larger capacity
Automatic background rebuild
Configurable stripe size and write policy per array
Intelligent drive handling:
- In degraded mode: skips irreparable blocks to continue rebuild
- In normal operation: data-block verification and repair
Intelligent reactive and preventive mechanisms:
- Automated cache flush
- Automated Media Scan
- Automated caching mode

System Components

Single or Redundant controller configuration

  Compact steel and aluminum alloy enclosure
Two (2) or one (1) RAID controller modules
Three (3) hot-swappable, redundant, 405W power supply units
Two (2) hot-swappable, redundant, thermal fan cooling modules
Twenty-four (24) hot-swappable drive trays
Two (2) forearm handles
Two (2) hot-swappable battery backup units (BBUs)

Host Interface

Four (4) 4Gbit/s-FC host channels with embedded bypass to eight (8) Fibre ports (A24F-R2430)

Two (2) 4Gbit/s-FC host channels with embedded bypass to four (4) Fibre ports (A24F-G2430)
Tagged command queuing up to 256
Variable stripe size per logical drive
Optimization setting for random or sequential I/Os

Drive Interface

Twenty-four (24) hot-swappable 3Gbit/s SATA-II drive trays

Automatic bad sector reassignment
Dedicated bandwidth to each connected drive



Firmware-embedded utility via LCD keypad or RS-232C port

VT-100 terminal emulation via RS-232C
Telnet access via the onboard Ethernet port
10/100 BaseT Ethernet for out-of-band management
Two (2) COM ports for local access to firmware-embedded utility and UPS connectivity
Brower- or Java-based STORWatch manager:
- Graphical user interface
- Local/remote management; in-band or out-of-band via TCP/IP
- Centralized management to monitor and administer multiple RAID units on one screen
- Secure link over SSL
Configuration Client for easy access to the configuration utility screen
SNMP 2.0 MIBs with get and set commands

SAN Management

Up to 1024 LUNs (if sufficiently large memory is used with the proper settings)


Onboard alarm

Module status LED indicators:
- Two (2) per drive tray
- Three (3) per LCD panel
- Seven (7) per RAID controller module
- Two (2) per Ethernet port
- Two (2) per cooling module
- One (1) per power supply unit
- One (1) per BBU module
- Two (2) per FC port
Module failure alert through I2C bus
Event notifications sent over email, fax, LAN broadcast, SNMP traps, MSN messenger, SMS short messages
System alerts through Java-based RAIDWatch manager


Eight (8) or four (4) FC ports that receive SFP fiber optic transceivers

Two (2) COM ports on each controller module for RS-232C serial port (38400, n, 8, 1) and UPS support
One (1) 10/100BaseT Ethernet port on each controller module

Power Supply Module

Three (3) redundant, hot-swappable power supplies with PFC
Input 100V at 16A, 240V at 8A with PFC (auto-switching)
50 to 60Hz
Output (Maximum output: 405 Watts)
+12.0V, 24A max.
+ 5.0V, 36A max.
+ 3.3V, 30A max.
Hold-up Time At least 20ms at 115/230VAC full load after a loss of AC input

Cooling Module

Two (2) redundant, dual-fan cooling modules Maximum Air Flow:
High speed: 48.12 CFM

Environmental Specifications

Temperature Operating: 0º to 40ºC, 0º to 35ºC (with BBU)
Non-operating: - 40º to 60ºC
Relative Humidity 5% to 95% (non condensing - operating and non-operating)
Altitude Operating: sea level to 12,000 ft
Non-operating: sea level to 40,000 ft


Chassis without handles: 445(W) x 174.4(H) x 498(D) mm (17.5 x 6.86 x 19.6 inches)

Chassis with handles: 482(W) x 174.4 (H) x 514(D) mm (19 x 6.86 x 20.2 inches)
Package: 520(H) x 580(W) x 780(D) mm (20.5 x 22.8 x 30.7 inches)

System Weight

Net weight: 38kg
Gross weight: 41kg (without disk drives)

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