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3U Profile, 16-drive
Dual Redundant Controller
Dual 2Gbit Fibre Host Channels
sATA-II RAID Subsystem

The AV-STOR's RAID functionality is unmatched in the industry in terms of its wide variety of array configuration, maintenance, and monitoring capabilities.

The AV-STOR A16F-R2221 has two 2Gbps Fibre host channels that are routed though an onboard hub to four small form-factor pluggable (SFP) ports. The sixteen SATA-II drive channels are routed through the backplane board to the sixteen drives installed in the front panel of the subsystem. The susbsystem combines massive storage capacity with SATA-II benefits, such as high performance and full bandwidthm in a safe environment where the highest level of data availability is assured.

Available models
AV-A16F-R2221-500 Redundant Controllers FC-2G x 4 16 x 500GB SATA-2 with NCQ
AV-A16F-R2221-400 Redundant Controllers FC-2G x 4 16 x 400GB SATA-2 with NCQ
AV-A16F-R2221-300 Redundant Controllers FC-2G x 4 16 x 300GB SATA-2 with NCQ
AV-A16F-R2221-240 Redundant Controllers FC-2G x 4 16 x 250GB SATA-2 with NCQ

  • The best AV-A16F-R2221's end-to-end I/O performance in RAID5 configuration with adaptive write function:
    • Sequential Reads: 385 MB/sec
    • Sequential Writes: 383 MB/sec
  • Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 SATA NCQ disk drives
  • Full-featured dual controller architecture
  • Two FC-2G channels, 2Gb per second, hub embedded Fibre host channels per controller; transfer rate up to 200Mbps per second
  • Independent host connection modules to assure channel availability
  • Highest density in 3U chassis providing up to 6.4TB storage capacity
  • Dual speed cooling fans to reduce system noise and power consumption
  • Hot Swappable battery backup units (BBUs)
  • Easy management through the LCD keypad, RS-232 Terminal or Java based RAID manager over the internet

Almost every major component in the AV-A16F-R2221 subsystem is hot swappable. Two redundant, dual speed, dual fan cooling modules supply sufficient airflow with minimal sound. The two redundnant 460W power supply units provide stable electric power. Additionally, the AV-A16F-R2221 susbsystem is eqipped with two independent host connection modules to ensure data availability and the highest fault tolerant operation even if one channel fails. The AV-A16F-R2221 provides quiet operation with unsurpassed reliability in today's most extreme storage environments.


The redundant controller architecture provides Fibre loops across the backplane for synchronised cache communications. The internal hub not only provides expansion capability but also lowers the total cost of ownership by eliminating the need for expensive Fibre switches when connecting to extrenal host computers. The internal hub can easily be enabled or disabled using the DIP switch on the enclosure configuration card located on the subsystem rear panel. This reliable, SAN-ready susbsystem features a modular design with easy access to all major components, making it easy to service and maintain.


An array disaster can be loosely defined as a significatn loss of data availability. This can range from the merely inconvenient to the truly catastrophic where a large corporation is brought to a standstill. The AV-A16F-R2221 is equipped with two battery backup units that provide power to cache memory when power fails. When fully charged, the BBUs can keep the unwritten cached data in cache memory for up to 72 hours. The subsystem further guarantees data safety by supporting installation of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) which can extend the operating time for the entire subsystem druing a power failure.


A variety of management interfaces are available. The array can be accessed through the LCD keypad panel, RS-232C terminal, telnet, or remotely through the Java RAID manager. The RAID manager provides "Install Once, Run Anywhere" convenience with a graphical user interface.

Users are constantly aware and automatically notified of array status using any or all of the following notification methods:-

  • email
  • fax
  • LAN broadcast
  • SNMP traps
  • MSN Messenger
  • ICQ
  • SMS messages

Intelligent Drive Handling
  • Media Scan: repairs data stored on bad drive sectors from adjacent stripes
  • Task Scheduler: hands free, pre scheduled Media Scan operation on disk drives
  • Replaces or clones drives showing SMART detected defects
  • Manually clones of disk drives showing defects
  • Verifies data after normal writes, rebuild writes, or Logical Drive initialisation
Adaptive Write Policy (Write-back/Write-through)
  • Optimises writes performance on receiving sequential write requests using the Write-through mode and temporarily disables synchronised cache communications
  • Automatically switches policry to adapt to random or sequential I/O requests
Guaranteed Latency I/O
  • Designed for "no drop-frame" applications such as video streaming
  • Fast return of read requests by generating data from adjacent stripes when a drive fails or bad sectors cause delays

Major Markets and Uses

Avante Digital products are used in server-attached and networked data storage in major industries such as medical imaging, multimedia on demand (MOD), and digital media including video-on-demand, stream editing and more

Subsystem Characteristics
High Availability
600Mhz RISC CPU, 512KB L2 Cache
Redundant, hot swappable FRU's
ASIC 266 RAID Engine
Susbstem self diagnostics
Redundant RAID Controllers
Independent host I/O modules
256MB to 1GB DDR RAM
Independent expansion I/O Modules
BBU per controller
Battery backup units
Independent hot I/O modules with HUB
UPS status detections
Hot-spare disk drives
LCD keypad panel
Cluster ready
COM ports per controller
10/100 Ethernet port per controller
Management Software
Diagnotics LEDs on all FRUs
Java GUI Software
Termianl via RS-232C
Drive Interface
Telnet over Ethernet
Number of disk trays
LCD keypad panel
SATA-II (backward compatible to SATA-I)
Event notification methods
Host Connection ports
SFP ports to optical fibre
   LAN broadcast
Data single channel bandwidth
   SNMP traps
Auto negotiate (1Gbps, 2Gbps) Yes    Cell phone message Yes
F_poet, FL_port Yes    Instant messages Yes
Raid configuration OS Support
RAID levels 0, 1(0+1), 3, 5, 10, 30, 50, JBOD Microsoft Windows NT
Max 128 logical drives Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
Max 1024 LUNs Microsoft Windows 2003 Server
Multiple array configurations Sun Solaris ver 8/9/10
Automatic background rebuild SGI IRIX >6.5.7
Smart technologies Mac OS-X 10.2, 10.3, 10.4
Linux (2.4 & 2.6 Kernels)
AC Input Dimensions
240VAC at 5A; 100VAC at 10A with PFC 3U, 19 inch rackmount chassis
(auto switching) Without handles:
Relative Humidity: 445(w) x 130(h) x 488(d)
5 to 95% non-condensing With handles:
Operating Temperature: 482.6(w) x 131(h) x 505(d)
0 to 40 degrees centigrade

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