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AV-STOR A12E-G2121

sATA-II to iSCSI RAID Subsystem
Up to 6TB Storage in 2U rackmount chassis

Key Features
  • IP Storage Area Network (SAN) over Ethernet for highest connectivity not limited by distance.
  • Aggregate or Distributed file system schemes to best suit your needs.
  • Capacity starting at 160 GB and scalable up-to any desired capacity (Density: 6TB per 2U).
  • Full featured RAID functionality: RAID 0, 1, (0+1), 3, 5, 10, 30, 50, NRAID and JBOD.
  • Advanced Data Management: data migration and detection of drive failures.
  • Integrated management software intelligently keeps you informed of critical system events by email (SMTP) or traps (SNMP) and additionally provides a web browser based easy-to-use GUI compatible with any operating system platform.
  • Wide range of Operating System support: Windows XP, 2000, 2003, Solaris 9, Red Hat ES 3, SuSE Enterprise 8, Mac OS X and Novell 6.x

The AV-STOR A12E utilises the latest in IP-SAN technology which allows you to quickly deploy, manage and access your storage from anywhere on the network.

Connectivity is as easy as attaching a standard Ethernet Network cable since the AV-STOR A12E use the latest iSCSI technology to form a Storage Area Network (SAN) over Ethernet, as opposed to much more costly Fibre Channel.

Any server within your enterprise can access the storage by means of an industry standard iSCSI driver which is available for most platforms, including Microsoft Windows , most Unix/Linux variants, Novell NetWare and Mac OS X, or for enhanced performance by using and iSCSI host bus adapter.

The dual Gigabit Ethernet ports provide ample bandwidth for most applications, and performance can be scaled up easily by adding additional AV-STOR A12E RAID systems to your network.

The AV-STOR A12E is presented to your servers as a SCSI device so advanced features such as Snapshot, Data Replication, Cluster/Failover and Remote Backup/Disaster Recovery can all be deployed easily using native operating system toolsets.

Multiple servers

Multiple servers can be connected concurrently making the AV-STOR A12E-2121 solution ideal for Disaster Recovery and Enterprise Backup applications.

Clustering & High Availability

Clustering services have become increasingly essential for organisations deploying business-critical commerce, support and line-of-business applications.
The AV-STOR A12E offers you an easy to implement and cost effecitive route in to clustering technologies.

Scalable Storage

Storage is easily scalable by adding additional appliances to your network - no daisy chaining is required, so the utmost performance is maintained while you scale to limitless capacity (6TB per 2U RAID). You have many choices on how the storage is presented to your hosts, including an option for your application to use a distributed file system that spans multiple AV-STOR A12E-2121 IP-SAN servers but is accessible as a single drive letter or mount point on your host(s).

Available Configurations
A12E-G2121-1000 Single Controller
Gbe x 2
12 x 1000GB SATA-2
A12E-G2121-750 Single Controller
Gbe x 2
12 x 750GB SATA-2
A12E-G2121-500 Single Controller
Gbe x 2
12 x 500GB SATA-2
A12E-G2121-250 Single Controller
Gbe x 2
12 x 250GB SATA-2

Disk Subsytem can be supplied with any quantity of disks. Please call with your requirements

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