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sanbolic - software to simplify and share SAN storage
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software to simplify and share san storage
How can Sanbolic software help me?
Workgroup and Imaging

With simple, central management of and shared access to files over high bandwidth connections, editors can work on uncompressed high-definition content efficiently, improving workflow and shortening production cycle time.

Today, most video post production for standard definition content has moved onto disk-based non-linear editing (NLE) systems. These systems offer improved flexibility over linear, tape-based systems by allowing a work station fast access to any part of the digital media file. The advent of NLE systems that manage media content as digital files also allows content to be managed over its life cycle as an integrated process using data networking infrastructure. Content can be digitized, edited, enhanced with graphics and effects, broadcast, archived, and reused for new programming as digital files, greatly improving the work process.

Sanbolic’s software enables the use of shared storage infrastructure using Shared Storage Area Networks (SANs) to further improve the post production work process, while utilizing industry standard hardware. Shared SANs allow content to be digitized centrally, eliminate the need to move very large video files among workstations, reduce the time to get programming on the air by allowing multiple editors to work on a project simultaneously, and simplify versioning control. Sanbolic software allows the performance of several storage arrays to be combined into a single shared pool that will support the bandwidth needed by uncompressed HD video or 2k film intermediate production.

Example 1

VOOM HDNews, which is owned by Cablevision, uses Melio FS and LaScala in a shared storage solution for a workgroup editing environment for 24 hour news filmed exclusively in 1080i high definition video format. Five Windows editing stations access shared storage on a shared SAN built using two high performance StorageTek storage controllers. Using Melio and LaScala, the content file can be digitized once and are immediately available to all editing stations, which are running Adobe Premiere editing software. Editors can work in any editing room, have access to the same pool of data, and make their edited program material available in any other room. Because the station is using 1080i high definition video and editing uncompressed files, the storage solution needs to support bandwidth of almost 200 megabytes per second per station. LaScala can efficiently aggregate the performance of both StorageTek storage controllers, and the system easily supports 1 GB/sec throughput to the five editing stations from a shared volume, and can further increase performance by adding additional controllers. The system is very intuitive to use, requiring almost no training for editing or IT staff.

Example two

Sony Europe utilizes IBM hardware and Sanbolic Melio FS clustered file system and LaScala Volume Manager in their SAN environment to achieve increased performance and seamless workflow for workgroup video editing, post production and DVD authoring from a shared storage. LaScala Volume Manager stripes across multiple RAID controllers for optimum performance from the storage which is shared by the workstations. Melio FS allows the editors on the workstations that are part of the cluster to simultaneously access the same files on the common storage.

  • Shared access to Content Files over high performance Fibre Channel or iSCSI from any Windows-based workstation.
  • Intuitive administration and assignment of storage volumes simplifies collaborative production and post production processes
  • Advanced clustered file system and volume manager require no metadata controller.
  • No single point of failure--utilizes inherent redundancy in SAN fabric.
  • Utilizes any SAN hardware platform and can be expanded modularly.
  • Efficiently aggregate performance of multiple storage controllers for high bandwidth applications, including uncompressed 1080i and 2K film intermediate production.

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