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Qlogic - SANBox2-64 Modular Fabric Switch
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Modular Fabric Switch

Bladed Architecture for Modular Scalability to 64 Ports

The SANbox2-64 modular fabric switch is a new class of switch that makes deploying and scaling your SAN much easier and more cost-effective. Its dense, bladed architecture allows you to easily scale from 16 ports to 64 ports in just 4U (7") of rack space. And the SANbox2-64 modular fabric switch offers redundancy and hot-swap capabilities typically found only in much more expensive Director switches.


  • SAN core/backbone
  • SAN consolidation
  • Expandable SAN island

Modular Scalability

  • Add 8-port I/O blade modules only when you need them
  • 640 ports in a 42U rack software included at no charge
  • Compact 4U chassis saves expensive rack space

Superior Performance

  • Full cross bar, non-blocking architecture
  • 2Gb frame Latency: 316 ns typical, < 1000 ns worst case

Simple Management

  • Single SANsurfer Management Suite for all QLogic switches and HBAs
  • Graphical User Interface for point and click management
  • Integrated with popular SAN Management packages from CA, IBM, McData, VERITAS and others

High Fabric Availability

  • Dual redundant power supply and fan modules
  • I/O StreamGuard suppresses RSCNs to reduce fabric disruptions
  • Dual SANbox2-64 switches form a fabric with 99.999% availability

Low Cost Per Port

  • All 64 ports in a single chassis reduces the cost of multiple switches and software licenses
  • SANsurfer Management Suite™ software included at no charge
  • Compact 4U chassis saves expensive rack space

Broad Interoperability

  • Interoperable with fabric switches from Brocade, Cisco, McData and INRANGE
  • FCIA SANmark certified for interoperability

Easy Serviceability

  • Hot swap 8-port blades, power supply modules and fan modules
  • Non-disruptive Code Load and Activation (NDCLA)

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