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REO 1000 - Disk to Disk Storage Appliance
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Overland REO 1000


  • Ideal for small or branch offices
  • Enables fast, reliable backup and recovery
  • User-definedfunctionality
    • Virtual Tape Library
    • Virtual Tape Drives
    • Disk Volumes (LUNs)
  • Up to 2 TB raw capacity
  • RAID 5 data protection
  • REO Protection OS™ software
  • Dynamic Virtual Tape
  • Compatible with all popular backup software
  • Ethernet (iSCSI) connectivity

For over 25 years, Overland Storage® has delivered industry leading data protection solutions that optimize backup, recovery, and archive operations. Exponential data growth, shrinking backup windows, the need for fast data recovery, and new government regulations make data protection a challenge for any IT professional.

The Overland REO 1000™ Disk-Based Backup and Recovery Appliance solves these challenges by providing fast, reliable data backup and recovery while reducing operating costs. Designed specifically for small businesses or branch offices, the REO 1000 delivers reliable unattended backups and near-instantaneous file recovery in an easy to use, versatile appliance. Easily configured as a virtual tape library, standalone virtual tape drives, and/or disk volumes (LUNs), the REO 1000 can be easily deployed and modified to adapt to changing data protection requirements.

Unlike tape autoloaders, standalone tape drives, and other disk-based backup systems, only the REO SERIES™ includes REO Protection OS™ software, which embeds data protection intelligence and enables future software enhancements via software PACs. It also provides a core set of volume and device virtualization, management, and connectivity features found only in REO SERIES appliances. When configured as virtual tape, backup data is written sequentially and in large blocks, which results in greater backup performance. In addition, REO SERIES virtual tape appliances are not susceptible to disk fragmentation, viruses, manual volume management, hackers, ongoing tuning, or file system overhead - all are common problems found with general purpose disk-based backup systems.

And only the REO SERIES includes patent-pending Dynamic Virtual Tape™ (DVT) technology, which ensures that no storage capacity is wasted while eliminating the manual effort and guesswork of sizing, configuring, provisioning, and deleting virtual tape cartridges. With DVT, users can create virtual tape cartridges that automatically expand or shrink to match the exact capacity requirements of the backup operation.

An intuitive and robust browser-based graphical user interface makes REO 1000 easy to configure and manage. Users can proactively monitor REO appliances and receive e-mail alerts for instant notification of status changes.

REO 1000 Key Benefits:

Flexible Functionality – easily configured as a virtual tape library, standalone virtual tape drives, and/or disk volumes (LUNs).

Performance – when configured as virtual tape, data is written sequentially and in large blocks for fast, reliable backup. Utilizes direct access disk technology for nearly instantaneous data recovery.

Easy Integration – compatible with all popular

open systems and Windows-based backup software, physical tape drives or libraries and easily connects to Ethernet (iSCSI) networks.

REO Protection OS – software embedded in all REO SERIES appliances. Provides data protection intelligence including virtualization, management, and connectivity. Also enables enhanced features via add-on software PACs (e.g. REO Multi-SitePAC).

Dynamic Virtual Tape – virtual tape cartridges are automatically sized to match backup job so no capacity is wasted. Eliminates manual effort and guesswork of sizing, configuring, and provisioning virtual cartridges.

Easy to Setup and Manage – robust web-based interface provides simple step-by-step setup and proactive monitoring. Integrating disk into your backup strategy has never been easier!

User defined as a tape library with up to 32 virtual tape drives, 180 virtual cartridges, four partitions and/or any combination of up to 64 standalone virtual tape drives and/or disk volumes (LUNs).


4 x 160GB

4 x 250GB

4 x 400GB

4 x 500GB

Raw/RAID 5

480GB RAID 5

750GB RAID 5

1.2TB RAID 5

1.5TB RAID 5

REO Protection OS software with Dynamic Virtual Tape, disk virtualization, browser-based management, SNMP, and e-mail alerts

STANDARD HARDWARE FEATURES 19-inch rack-mount enclosure, hot-swap SATA disk drives, RAID controller, GbE data ports, 10/100 management port

EXTERNAL INTERFACES One, 1 Gb Ethernet (iSCSI) port (RJ45),
One, Ethernet Management Port (RJ45)

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