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AV-STOR 5200-FA Fibre Channel to SAS / SATA RAID
Desktop RAID Solutions
ES A08S-C2131-M2
ES A08S-C2132-M2

Rackmount RAID Solutions
Fibre Channel
easyRAID Q16PS-F4R3
easyRAID Q12PS-F4R3

easyRAID Q16PS-S3R3
easyRAID Q12PS-S3R3

easyRAID Q16JS-S2R3

Fibre Channel
easyRAID Q16+F2R3
easyRAID Q12+F2R2

easyRAID Q24P2-U4R4
easyRAID Q16+U4R3
easyRAID Q16+U4R2

RAID Subsystems

A-12E-G-2121 RAID


2U Profile, 12 drives (maximum 60 drives daisy chain)
Single Controller or Dual Controller (High Availability)
4Gbit Fibre Channel to SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) Subsystem


The AV-F5402E combines Fibre Channel connectivity with Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and Serial ATA (SATA) drive technology for cost effective, high performance storage solutions.

Today’s data-rich business environment presents a unique challenge for the storage manager. Prioritising the demands of applications, performance requirements, capacity, management tools and cost can be an impossible task, and often results in an inefficient and expensive solution that is out of date before being fully implemented.

The AV-F5402E storage solution solves these complex and ever-changing storage challenges. Combining Fibre Channel (FC) connectivity with Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and Serial ATA (SATA) drive technology, the AV-F5402E provides maximum flexibility to our customer, resulting in a cost-effective, ultra-high performance solution with the scalability and functionality necessary to meet the demands of today’s most rigorous applications.

Businesses can choose the appropriate storage to support their specific applications, resulting in an economical solution with both functionality and reliability. SAS drives in the AV-F5402E storage system deliver the exceptional performance required in primary storage. By leveraging the SAS full duplex, point-to-point architecture with dedicated connections, the AV-F5402E delivers maximum data throughput, thereby providing faster, more responsive applications. In addition, the AV-F5402E sustains maximum throughput (MB/s) for high bandwidth applications ranging from video editing to database-intensive online transaction processing.

SATA drives in the AV-F5402E provide the combination of high-capacity and cost-effective data storage normally found in near-line storage. Using SATA disks with their low cost-per-gigabyte design, the AV-F5402E provides a cost-effective online repository for non-business-critical data, and offers the many advantages of tiered storage to the Small and Medium Business (SMB) market. Operator Control Panel

The StorView software configures and administers the F5402E storage system, and distinguishes it from other entry-level systems on the market today. Automated control of individual controller’s cache, arrays and devices via a web-based interface simplifies storage administration, while StorView’s full-function Command Line Interface (CLI) allows integration of array management into existing operational procedures.

The entire 5000 Series of RAID systems comes standard with StorView management software, allowing for intuitive administration and performance monitoring.

An optional upgrade to StorView Global Manager enables for configuration, monitoring and management of 5000 Series RAID controllers from any location, anywhere on the network.

Available models
using SATA Drives
AV-F5402E Single Controller 2 x 4Gbit FC Upto 60 x 73GB, SAS, 15000 rpm
146GB SAS 10000 or 15000 rpm
300GB SAS 10000 or 15000 rpm
250GB SATA-II 7200rpm
400GB SATA-II 7200rpm
500GB SATA-II 7200rpm
AV-F5402E-HA Dual Controller 2 x 4Gbit FC
Upto 60 x 73GB, SAS, 15000 rpm
146GB SAS 10000 or 15000 rpm
300GB SAS 10000 or 15000 rpm
250GB SATA-II 7200rpm
400GB SATA-II 7200rpm
500GB SATA-II 7200rpm
Disk Subsytem can be supplied with any quantity of disks..
Systems can be populated with a mix of SATA-II and SAS disks .Please call with your requirements

Features and Benfits
  • Two (single controller) or four (dual controller) 4Gb/s high speed Fibre Channel host connections per system
  • Mix up to 60 high performance SAS and cost effective SATA drives in one system
  • Storview management software provides maximum utilisation
  • Dual active high availability and low cost single controller configurations
  • Host based dynamic multi-pathing for high availabiluty
  • Exceptional expandability with 30TB of total capacity
  • Online capacity growth through dynamic array and LUN expansion
  • Cableless, modular design and redundant, hot swappable components for fault tolerance.

Storview Screenshot

Technical System Specifications
Host Interface (per controller) Two 4 Gb/s (400MB/s) Fibre Ports (SFF), 400MB/s per channel (400MB/s full duplex)
Host Fibre Channel Protocol Supports point-to-point, loop and fabric (switched) topologies
Drive Interface Porting Dual ported SAS (3 Gb/s), Single ported SATA (1.5 or 3 Gb/s).Dual ported SATA with drive mux transition card
Redundant, Hot-Swap Components Disk Drives, RAID Controllers, Power Supplies and Cooling Fans
Error/Status Reporting SES (SCSI Enclosure Services)
Number of RAID Controllers One (upgradeable to two) Two
Cache Memory Up to 1GB (single controller) Up to 2GB (dual controllers)
Dynamic Cache Tuning Yes Yes
Variable Stripe Size Yes Yes
Volume Sharing Yes Yes
Number of LUNs Supported 512 512
SAS Drive Support SAS: 73GB, (15,000 RPM), 146GB (15,000 RPM) and 300GB (10,000 RPM)
SATA Drive Support SATA: 250GB, 500GB (7,200 RPM)
Maximum Capacity per System 6.0TB (12 x 500GB)
Maximum Capacity per Daisy Chain 30TB (60 x 500GB)

F5402E Front and Rear
RAID Protection Features
  • Up to 64 disk arrays with independent RAID level 0,1,5,10, and 50 support
  • Active/Active RAID controller
  • Up to 64 dedicated or global spares with automatic, host-transparent disk drive rebuild for continuous data protection
  • Mirrored write cache protection with integrated battery backup unit and flush to disk support
  • RAID configuration is written to the disk drives and is exportable to a host file
  • Non-disruptive controller firmware upload (dual controller only)

Expansion Chassis Example

Major Markets and Uses

Avante Digital products are used in server-attached and networked data storage in major industries such as medical imaging, multimedia on demand (MOD), and digital media including video-on-demand, stream editing and more

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