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EonStor A08S-C2131 SAS to SATA-II RAID Subsystem
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EonSTOR A08S-C2131

8 Bay SAS to SATA RAID Subsystem
Up to 11TB RAID 6 Storage for Apple Mac, Windows and Unix

A08S Cube is the world's first 8-bay desktop RAID subsystem adopting SAS host interface. As the successor of the SCSI Cube, it inherits the reliability and offers enhanced performance. In the applications involving intensive throughput and transactions, A08S can provide satisfactory processing efficiency.

Available Configurations

Host Connection
A08S-C2131-2000 Single Controller
1 x Mini SAS (SFF-8088)
8 x 2000GB Hitachi 7200rpm SATA
A08S-C2131-1000 Single Controller
1 x Mini SAS (SFF-8088)
8 x 1000GB Seagate ES.2 7200rpm SATA
A08S-C2131-500 Single Controller
1 x Mini SAS (SFF-8088)
8 x 500GB Seagate ES.2 7200rpm SATA
A08S-C2131-250 Single Controller
1 x Mini SAS (SFF-8088)
8 x 250GB Seagate ES.2 7200rpm SATA

Disk Subsytem can be supplied with any quantity of disks. Please call with your requirements


The A08S Cube RAID series adopts the latest Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) interface technology. It resembles SCSI in reliability but excels in performance. With the RAID 6 technology included, A08S enables continuous operation even at the time when two disk drives fail at the same time. These industry-leading technologies make A08S Cube an ideal fit for the applications requiring high bandwidth and advanced data protection.


Besides the configuration-convertible (tower and desktop) feature inherited from the previous EonStor Cube series, A08S Cube further provides trendy choice of silver enclosure. You can enjoy the settings flexible for vertical and horizontal space allocations without sacrificing your elegant taste.


To save you from unnecessary expenses, we provide two models for your choice in this series. Depending on the application needs, you can select the configuration of either one or two SAS ports and power supply modules. With the flexibility, you can ensure that your limited budget is spent on what you really need.


Besides the LED indicators, audible alarms, and firmware utility, we also provide the powerful management suite, SANWatch, for your easy management of the subsystem. Its intuitive GUI and robust administration features bring you simplicity in array configuration and monitoring. Whether via Intranet or Internet, the status of your subsystem is always at your fingertips.

Features and Benefits

  • One Mini SAS x4 SFF-8088 host port
  • Black tower/desktop convertible enclosure
  • Hardware RAID6 engine by dedicated ASIC400 chipsets
  • Eight SATA-II disk drives

Technical Specifications

Model Infortrend EonStor A08S-C2131
Host-Interface 1x Mini SAS x4, 3Gbit/s (SFF-8088)
Controller single
RAID Engine ASIC400
Battery Backup optional
Cache Memory 256MB~2048MB DDR RAM (256 MB installed)
Disk Interface SATA II (3Gbit/s)
Harddisk Drives up to 8x 3.5 FF SATA II, hot swappable
Rails optional
Hot Swap Fan Modules 2
Power Supply 1x 250W (optional 2x 250W redundant, hot-swappable)
AC Input Voltage 100/240 V (± 10%), 47~63Hz
Data Transfer Rate up to 700MB/s
Front Panel LCD and Buttons easy access for configuration and status report
Management SANWatch manager software for all major platforms via Ethernet port, Firmware-embedded manager via RS-232C (audio jack) that is platform independent
Event Notification Widest range of event notification methods including email, LAN broadcast, fax, SNMP traps, SMS, and MSN
Operating Systems
Supported OS OS independent
RAID Level 0, 1 (0+1), 3, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, 60
RAID Features Multiple Global, Dedicated, & Enclosure-specific hot-spares; Intelligent Drive Handling
Online expansion Adding new drives, copying and replacing drives with drives of larger capacity, configurable stripe size and write policy per array
Environment Specification
Humidity 5%~95%, non-condensing
Operating Temperature 0°C~35°C
Dimension and Weight
Physical Dimensions/mm (Width x Height x Depth) 155 x 370 x 343, cube tower or desktop convertible
Weight (without drives) 11.4kg
Warranty 3 years
Service optional

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